Alice Bradford

Alice is a southern belle, wannabe flower child, self-proclaimed perfectionist, aAliceImagend dedicated student from Birmingham, image 2Alabama. Alice attended Altamont, a small private school where she served as senior class president, tennis team captain, and Vice President of the National Honor Society. Alice also took part in her school’s tutoring club for four years and was a member of the varsity tennis and cross country teams. Alice received the Johnson Scholarship from Washington and Lee this past spring and is eager to learn about history through a lens of historical fashion. In particular, Alice loves writing and storytelling, and is considering a major in English, or perhaps history, with a possible minor in French. Alice also has an interest in web design. In 2013 Alice used photo-26Weebly to organize an ethical leadership program at Altamont ( However, her crowning achievement is her blog on Tumblr ( Though admitting that she only knows how to operate a Nikon Coolpix point-and-shoot, Alice loves discovering and displaying beautiful images and inviting viewers to engage with her artistic expression.