Mary-Frances Hall

Mary-Frances was treasurer of her high school student council senior year, and named twice to the N.C. Junior Girls All-State Golf team. She received the national AP Scholar Award and was also valedictorian of her graduating class. Mary-Frances is currently a member of the Washington and Lee Women’s golf team. On the topic of history, Mary-Frances notes “As a current freshman in college, I have taken many history classes such as World History, U.S. History, and European History. These classes touch on every important event that we, as students, should know. However, we often glaze over basic things such as what people wore, an aspect that provides an alternative insight into a historical time period. Fashion has, and always will, play an important role in society because it acts as a form of self-expression. My knowledge of history allows me to appropriately explore the correlation between global fashion and economic, political, and social changes over time. My personal experience, though, as someone who places importance upon style as a form of expression, allows me to delve deeper into the motivations behind fashion within their historic context.”