Annabel Grace Susanin

Annabel is a current student of Washington and Lee University in Lexington, Virginia. She is currently majoring in Studio Art where she is focusing on oil painting, a practice which has also given her experience in design. This, mixed with previous history courses, has provided Annabel with expertise in a wide range of fashion history, especially fashions popular before the 18th century. At home in Philadelphia, Annabel was greatly influenced by the fashion surrounding wearing a uniform, and finding an individual voice within that uniform, in high school. Additionally, Annabel spent her junior and senior year of high school working in a small clothing boutique, teaching her a lot about fashion and fashion influence. There, she worked with buyers as well as the owner of the store toward perfecting the merchandise for its shoppers. The importance of shoes within the small store has led to Annabel’s specialization in and completely love for the history of shoes – styles, purposes, etc. Additionally, Annabel enjoys studying fashion design, including materials, textiles, and patterns.  She enjoys any element of design, especially focusing on color coordination. She hopes to explore the fields of interior design upon graduation from W&L and looks forward to expanding her knowledge in fashion history.